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January 23, 2014

Fox News on January 22,2014, reported that at least three people have died as Ukranian police clashed with protesters in the latest round of street fighting in the country’s capital, Kiev.

An Associated Press reporter said that medics had declared two men dead near barricades that had been set up by protesters. Oleh Bondar, a medic, said the men died of bullet wounds, but would not specify whether they were rubber or real bullets. An unnamed medic later said that a third person had died, but the cause of death was not immediately clear.

Ukrainian police confirmed that one man had died, but neither the person’s identity nor a cause of death was immediately clear.

The clashes began after security forces have begun dismantling barricades at the protest camp in downtown Kiev where demonstrators and police have been facing off for two days.

Police detained some protesters and tore down barricades on Kiev’s central square early Wednesday during a heavy snowfall, in what could mark a more determined move against the demonstrators.

Prospects for an agreement to end the conflict dimmed on Tuesday, when Yanukovych refused to personally meet with leading members of the opposition who were invited for talks.