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April 23, 2020

John Lenczowski, Ph.D., founder and president of The Institute of World Politics, Washington DC, on April 15, 2020, at a webinar lectured on the many dimensions of the threat from China. For excerpts from his comments see below:

…I noted that the American policy of friendship with China that began with Nixon and Kissinger led to a moral-strategic confusion about the nature of the Chinese regime. I listed a good number of the Chinese Communist Party’s actions inimical to our national security, of which too many Americans are unaware. I also explained why so many of our government, corporate, media, and academic leaders have turned a blind eye to Chinese human rights violations, military buildup, espionage, and influence operations: too many of them have been, in effect, “owned,” corrupted, or otherwise neutralized by China. The resulting self-censorship means that the American people, until recently, have not been hearing the full truth.

…the COVID-19 pandemic…has served as a wake-up call to many Americans about the totalitarian and aggressive nature of the Chinese regime and the dangerous depths of our dependence on China for pharmaceuticals and the supply chains for our defense systems.

Comment: The self-censorship is even larger in Europe, where China has managed to disinform governments, the corporations, media and academics. The action taken by President Richard Nixon in the 1970s concerning China was a bold and useful geopolitical move at the time. The continuation of that policy has been a disaster and according to recent polls 90 percent of Americans now regard China as a threat. It is time for the European nations to wake up to the China threat and consider ways of decoupling from Communist China and move production to countries like India instead.


April 16, 2020

Fox News on April 16, 2020 reported that there is increasing confidence that COVID-19 likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States,..This may be the “costliest government coverup of all time,” one of the sources said. Excerpts below:

The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus was bat-to-human, and that “patient zero” worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan.

The “increasing confidence” comes from classified and open-source documents and evidence, the sources said. Fox News has requested to see the evidence directly.

Asked by Fox News’ John Roberts about the reporting, President Trump remarked at Wednesday’s coronavirus press briefing, “More and more we’re hearing the story…we are doing a very thorough examination of this –horrible situation.”

U.S. Embassy officials warned in January 2018 about inadequate safety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab and passed on information about scientists conducting risky research on coronavirus from bats, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Responding to the report, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on April 14: “It should be no surprise to you that we have taken a keen interest in that and we’ve had a lot of intelligence take a hard look at that. I would just say at this point, it’s inconclusive, although the weight of evidence seems to indicate natural, but we don’t know for certain.”

“Even today, I see them withholding information and I think we need to do more to continue to press them to share,” told Fox News on April 15, referring to China.

Speaking to Fox News Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remarked: “What we do know is we know that this virus originated in Wuhan, China. We know there is the Wuhan Institute of Virology just a handful of miles away from where the wet market was. There is still lots to learn. You should know that the United States government is working diligently to figure it out.”


April 16, 2020

Fox News on April 16, 2020, reported that Foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang said that it is ”probable” that the coronavirus pandemic originated a laboratory in Wuhan, China, not in one of the city’s wet markets. Excerpts below:

“There was an article in The Lancet, which is the authoritative British medical journal, I think it was posted January 24, which said about a third of the initial cases had no connection with the Wuhan market that everyone talked about,” Chang said. “That means that there had to be another source for this, and when you look at Wuhan, obviously that Wuhan Institute of Virology, is at the top of the list of suspects.”

Fox News reported on April 15, 2020, that U.S. officials are increasingly confident that COVID-19 likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States.

Multiple sources have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and have seen relevant materials… one source saying Beijing may have engaged in the “costliest government coverup of all time.”

Chang told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the pandemic should lead America’s leaders to “question their assumptions” about the Communist country.

“I think what this really says is that all of our policymakers, all of our analysts, our academics really need to go back and question their assumptions about what happened and in a general way their view of China,” Chang said. “Because clearly we have been getting it wrong for a long time. And now this has had consequences which are just disastrous. We are going to bury many Americans because of this.”


April 10, 2020

Executive Director Marion Smith of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. on April 5, 2020, on the Foundation website published an article on communism’s grave threat to the entire world. Smith concluded that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) caused the crisis. Excerpts below:

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, one fact is increasingly clear: The Chinese Communist Party caused this crisis.

From the moment the coronavirus emerged in central China, Beijing has acted in a way that made a pandemic possible and then inevitable.

At every stage, the Chinese Communist Party has lied.

Beijing’s culpability is the result of its oppression — its “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” The only way to stop a spreading sickness is to spread information even faster, giving people and countries the facts and the time to prevent a pandemic. China’s rulers made that impossible. Starting in December, communist authorities cracked down on anyone talking about the coronavirus.

The truth was terrifying, although largely unknown beyond China’s borders. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that China systematically hid the real number of sick people, as well as the number of deaths. Sure enough, in mid-January, Beijing still claimed that only a few dozen people were infected with the coronavirus. The real totals of people infected and deaths were likely far higher, as my organization was already hearing from dissidents within China.

Beijing’s lies lulled the world into a false sense of security…A senior White House official pointed out that Chinese data caused the medical community in the United States to think “this was serious, but smaller than anyone expected… we were missing a significant amount of the data.”

[CCP]…covered up the nature of the coronavirus itself. In doing so, Beijing violated international treaty obligations to which China is a signatory, including the International Health Regulations (2005).

Beijing denied until January 20th that human to human transmission was occurring.

The results have been tragic. China’s actions made other countries less able to contain coronavirus outbreaks. In some cases, those outbreaks were perhaps already underway but unknown, because China lied about the sickness’ spread. By that point, a pandemic was only a matter of time.

Now the world is facing upheaval unseen since the Second World War. Whole countries are shut down. Borders are closed. Economies are unraveling. Governments are mobilizing for an extended struggle. Billions of people are terrified.

But all of this was preventable, if the Chinese Communist Party had just been honest.

…Beijing wasn’t honest. It lied. It is lying still. As a result, more than a million people are sick, and millions could die before the year is out.

Their blood is on the Chinese Communist Party’s hands. If the coronavirus crisis proves anything, it’s that communism — its logic, its brutality, its incompetence — is still a grave threat to the entire world.

The sooner communism is swept into the dustbin of history, the safer we’ll all be.