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December 19, 2019

Fox News on December 19, 2019, reported that Congressman Lou Gohmert (TX) said that the impeachment of President Trump was a travesty and outrage. See excerpt below:

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX) spoke against the Articles of Impeachment on the House floor before the historic vote. He passionately stated, “It’s lowered even farther — the bar. It will be used for political battles and this country’s end is now in sight, and I hope I don’t live to see it. This is an outrage.”


December 19, 2019

Fox News on December 19, 2019, reported on Senator Lindsey Graham’s reaction to the impeachment vote in the House. See an excerpt below:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said the impeachment of President Trump is proof that a left-wing “mob” has taken over the House of Representatives.

Graham told “Hannity” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., claimed earlier this year that impeachment should be thoughtful and “bipartisan.”

“What happened between March and now?” he asked. “What happened [is] the mob took over the House. The mob is running the Democratic Party. If she did not move to impeach this president, she would not be Speaker.”


December 15, 2019

1. It is an objective science of politics comparable to other empirical sciences. Such a science is neutral with respect to any practical political goal.

2. The primary subject matter of political science (science of politics) is the struggle for power in its diverse, open and concealed forms.

3. Men’s words cannot be taken a face value. Words, programs, declarations, constitutions, laws, theories, philosophies must be related to the whole complex of social facts in order
to understand their real political and historical meaning.

4. Logical and rational action plays a relatively minor part in political and social change. Instinct, impulse and interest is the usual social rule.

5. Social division must be recognized to understand the social process. That is the one between the ruling class and the ruled, between the elite and the non-elite.

6. Science of politics is above all the study of the elite, its composition, its structure, and its mode of relation to the non-elite.

7. The primary objects of every elite is to maintain its own power and privilege.

8. The rule of the elite is based on force and fraud. Force may be hidden or only threatened. Fraud may not entail conscious deception.

9. Social structure as a whole is integrated and sustained by a political formula. It is usually correlated with a generally accepted religion, ideology or myth.

10. The rule of an elite will coincide now more, now less with the interests of the non-elite. There are real and significant differences however in social structures of the ruled.

Source: James Burnham (”The Machiavellians : Defenders of Freedom – A Defense of Political Truth Against Wishful Thinking”, 1943).