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November 29, 2019

Geopolitical Intelligence Services in Liechtenstein reports that opinion polls in Sweden indicate that a major political change looms on the horizon. Excerpts below:

Cooperation between the Social Democrats and labor unions no longer cements the country’s political scene.

Conservative Sweden Democrats have enough strength to act as kingmaker between the left and the right.

Unions have contributed substantial campaign funds and mobilized members to canvass in elections.

Comment: The main question is if the center right and conservative parties will manage to oust the leftist government before the elections in 2022. Important is also if the present political elite ruling since World War 2 can be replaced by a new elite. This new elite should contain more representation from Swedish industry as it is important to involve business more in politics.

As for the cultural elite the left is in full control in Sweden. Swedish center right think tanks would be wise offering strategic and tactical advise how to replace the present politically correct cultural elite.