American Greatness on March 23, 2018, published an article by Thaddeus McCotter on the choice oj John Bolton as National Security Adviser of President Donald Trump. McCotter wished Bolton well in his new role. Excerpts below:

Philosophically, Bolton fully shares President Trump’s foundational security policy principles that an administration’s first priorities are to defend America and secure her strategic national interests. This is not “America alone,” as some critics claim. Rather, it is the starting point of harmonizing the mutual strategic interests of America and her allies, who also make their determinations based upon their own national interests.

Further, like the president, Bolton understands these foundational security principles have well served past administrations (with but a few aberrations notable for their failures); and, importantly, agrees with Presidents Trump (and Reagan) that the way to preserve and promote America’s strategic interests is by pursuing “peace through strength.” Clearly, President Trump and Bolton believe America is an exceptional nation; a force for moral good in the world; and, consequently, must be ever vigilant and prepared to defend herself. A free people’s very existence belies the oppressive ideologies of the world’s autocrats, tyrants, and terrorists so we must expect and anticipate challenges to our security. In these challenging days of the 21st century, where totalitarian and repressive regimes pursue their aims presenting themselves as legitimate rivals to free nations as models of government, Bolton will be a sage, candid adviser to and clarion messenger for President Trump’s vision that freedom is and must be the future.

Practically, few can match Bolton’s preparation for assuming the momentous responsibilities of National Security Advisor. His government service has included: general counsel, then assistant administrator for program and policy coordination, USAID; assistant attorney general, Department of Justice; assistant secretary for international organization affairs, then third undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs, Department of State; and the 25th United States ambassador to the United Nations.

Bolton is well versed in the Byzantine ways of the federal bureaucracy. With the president’s approval, Bolton will know where, how, and when to appropriately and fully realize the president’s national security policies inside and outside the swamp. This will have an immediate and salubrious remedial effect upon those bureaucrats—Obama holdovers or others—bent upon subverting the president’s policies.

What could be more necessary now, in the chaotic, dangerous international arena, than the unambiguous articulation of America’s national security policies, whereby our allies and our enemies know where America stands?

…like President Trump, Bolton will never, ever “lead from behind” and passively allow America’s vital strategic national interests—nor those of her allies—be dismissed, disregarded and endangered.

As President Trump rightly determined in naming his new national security advisor, throughout his years of service John Bolton has understood, articulated and advanced an abiding truth: the only revolution worthy of being “permanent” is the American Revolution; and it must endure and inspire the world with what we free people can achieve.

Comment: One can only hope that the appointment of John Bolton will be the start of a US/Western policy to actively counter the grave challenges to the West of China and Iran/Persia in the Eurasian rimland. A good start would be the denuclearization of North Korea by moving the nuclear arsenal of Kim Jong-Un to the United States. Then talks and perhaps negotations can start in earnest.


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