In spite of the pro-Clinton questions by the moderator in the Hofstra debate in September 2016 Donald Trump did well. Due to the efforts of the moderator to favor Clinton Trump was to a great extent forced to play defense but he stood his ground.

There should have been more focus on Clinton’s three decades of failed policies. The Iran agreement stands out as a one of the Obama administration’s greatest mistakes.
The Iranians seek to humiliate the United States. Naturally they have no intention to to abide by the treaty. The regime in Theran is profiting greatly by getting US cash payments that were withheld for terrorist support activities.

One of the great weaknesses of the Obama administration supported by Clinton is constant informing the Islamic state and other enemies what they are planning to do in relation to terrorist activities. The State Department under Hillary contributed to weakening the American position in the fight against ISIS.

The Obama administration has for eight years attempted to falsely fit the facts into their story of terrorism. Thus they are avoiding the reality of what is happening in the Middle East. They are hiding much of what is done in an attempt to look good when in reality the situation in the Middle East is a disaster. This goes against prudent policy in war. Instead truth is always so important that it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies. The Obama administration is failing to protect that truth.

In future it would be important for Trump to more in detail expose Clinton’s failure as secretary of state and as senator. The terrible record of Clinton when it comes to security was only briefly mentioned in the debate.

In the future debates an important subject for Trump would be the ongoing deterioration of the American military in fields of training, equipment and readiness. Obamas personal dislike for nuclear weapons has resulted in an opening for China and Russia in this field. It has become a grave threat to all the whole West as American nuclear protection is necessary.

Russian military leaders have started talking about “no con” war (no contact). Conflicts in the future will to a great extent be a war of electronics. That would mean hacking and the use of electromagnetic pulse weapons. There are relevant doubts about how preparations against this type of warfare have been handled by the present administration.


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