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July 9, 2016

Washington Times on July 8, 2016, reported that a little-known black power group has claimed responsibility for the sniper attack in Dallas that killed five Dallas police officers at a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Authorities say that one of the snipers who was killed claimed to not be part of an organization. Excerpts below:
The so-called Black Power Political Organization claimed to be behind the “sniper assassins” and warned that more killings were planned.

The following message was posted on the group’s Facebook page shortly after the attack:

“#BlackPower! #Black Knights! Sniper Assassins Take Down Five Police Officers! And More Will be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper Rifle And Join Our Thousands of Sniper Assassins Worldwide In The Fight Againt Oppression!”

Comment: The Black Panther Party (BPP) was a black extremist organization founded in Oakland, California in 1966. It advocated the use of violence and guerilla tactics to overthrow the U.S. government.

Information on the BPP is available from the FBI. In 1969, the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office opened an investigative file on the BPP to track its militant activities, income, and expenses. The investigative file on BPP activities from 1969 to 1976 is available online.

There is reason to wonder if the sniper attack on Dallas police officers in July 2016 is start of a new violent Afro-American attack in America this time focused on killing white police officers.