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June 23, 2016

Swedish businessman Alvar Lindencrona (1910 – 1981) according to journalist and author Mikael Holmström (b. 1955; ”Den dolda alliansen : Sveriges hemliga NATO-förbindelser”, paperback edition, 2015) was the leading figure of preparations for guerrilla warfare against the Soviets. The departments in the rudimentary organization called Stay Behind were according to Holmström:

First Department (military) Anders Grafström, Swedish Army

Second Department
(evacuation routes and exile Swedish bases) Thede Palm, Military Intelligence

Third Department (political and psychological warfare) Unknown

Lindencrona was until 1964 with Thule Insurance Company and on the board of Saab-Scania. He also worked for the International Chamber of Commerce. Holmström names business executive Curt Steffan Giesecke (1921 – 2016) as his successor.

Meetings of the organization were held in an office in Stockholm and in Lindencrona’s private apartment. Social Democrat Prime Minister Tage Erlander (1901 – 1979) initiated the organization and successive social democratic ministers were in the political leadership of the small guerrilla warfare group. Other leading members of the leadership were trade union boss Arne Geijer (1910 – 1979) and the Director of the Employers Organization Bertil Kugelberg (1900 – 1991).

Military officers involved were among others Sune Gladh and Gunnar Areskoug. In 1996 Reinhold Geijer (1915 – 2009) went public on Swedish TV to reveal his involvement in the guerrilla command. He had been active in northern Sweden in the hotel business.

There were possibly five regional subgroups. The total organization personnel has been estimated at 50 to 150. General Carl Erik Almgren (1913 – 2001) estimated membership at 300 – 400. Outside support for the guerrilla organizations in the Scandinavian countries came mainly from the United Kingdom.

There has so far been no parliamentary investigation in Sweden of the group. This in a country that claims to be open and democratic. The Swedish guerrilla war preparations during the Cold War seem more like the order of the Prussian king for partisan and guerrilla warfare in 1813 against the French occupiers of Prussia and the rest of Germany. Nothing came out of it as guerrilla resistance cannot be ordered from above.