Daily Mail, United Kingdom, on April 27, 2016, reported that Isis has sleeper cells in the UK, Germany and Italy, head of American intelligence warned. Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke to reporters in Washington, DC. He confirmed ISIS was conducting underground activities in the UK, Germany and Italy. Clapper said there was continued evidence of ISIS plotting in these countries. Excerpts below:

James Clapper, the Director Of National Intelligence, spoke at a reporters’ breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington, DC. When asked whether ISIS had groups in the UK, Germany and Italy similar to those that carried out the Paris and Brussels attacks, Clapper replied: ‘Yes they do.’ He added that intelligence officials continue to see evidence of plotting on the part of ISIS in these countries, the New York Times reported.

Clapper became the country’s top intelligence official in 2010, when Barack Obama named him to replace Dennis Blair.

ISIS has pledged to attack these three countries, although experts say it is impossible to know where the terrorist group will hit next, the New York Times wrote.

Former French intelligence officer Claude Moniquet told the newspaper the UK and Germany were particularly concerned about a potential attack.

Hearing that ISIS is conducting activities in Germany, Italy and the UK is ‘not new’, Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy told CNN.
But Levitt added: ‘It’s new that Clapper is saying it.’

Clapper told reporters ISIS had groups similar to those who conducted the November 2015 Paris attacks (file picture) in the UK, Italy and Germany

He urged more European countries to join the military intervention in Syria and Iraq.
France, the UK and the Netherlands have conducted strikes in Syria.

All three as well as Belgium and Denmark have struck Iraq.

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