Washington Times on March 31, 2016 reported that Donald Trump in an interview said that asking Japan and South Korea to pay more for their own defense “could mean nuclear.” He said the issue “at some point is something that we have to talk about.”

When asked at a town-hall event this week whether he would ever consider using a nuclear weapon in Europe, Mr. Trump replied, “I am not taking cards off the table.”

Mr. Obama hosted a meeting on March 30 with South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, focusing on the threat of North Korea’s nuclear belligerence.

Mrs. Park said North Korea’s recent nuclear tests and missile launches create an “urgent” security challenge for all three allies.
Nearby in Washington, Mr. Trump was meeting with his newly created foreign-policy team and paid a surprise visit to the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

Comment: It seems reasonable to ask for more contributions by Japan and South Korea for theiw own defense. Should the two countries consider nuclear weapons necessary for their nation defense it seems reasonable that there would be consultations with Washington DC on the matter. With growing Chinese aggression in the Asia-Pacific area there is an urgent need for a forward strategy against China. One can only hope that the next US president will consider talks with free Asian nations on an increased defense spending in the area.


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