Swedish daily newspapers on March 26, 2016 reported that anti-North leafletse had been launched against North Korea. UPI on March 21, 2016 reported on the plans to launch the leaflets. Excerpts below:

A group of North Korean defector activists plan to launch an anti-Pyongyang propaganda campaign in commemoration of the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan.

The South Korean organization Fighters For Free North Korea said it expects to launch 500,000 anti-North leaflets using 20 helium balloons on March 26, local news service CBS No Cut News reported.

Other organizations, including the National Action Campaign for Freedom and Democracy in Korea, a conservative group, are also to take part in the helium balloon launch.

In the course of three months, Fighters For Free North Korea plans to send 10 million flyers that condemn the North’s nuclear test and missile provocations.

In 2015, the defectors had planned a similar launch on the fifth anniversary of the Cheonan sinking, but the North had threatened to retaliate with an armed response. The police also blockaded the activists, and the launch was suspended.

Seoul’s Unification Ministry stated Monday the distribution of leaflets to North Korea is a “fundamental right to the freedom of expression” but the activists should take national security into consideration, local television network KBS reported.


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