John Robb on his webpage Global Guerrillas on March 23, 2016 reported that the successful terrorist attacks on Brussels and Paris have left the EU vulnerable to tens of thousands of fast, frequent and fake attacks by self-activating terrorists.

The recent attack on Brussels was big, bloody, and effective.

Unfortunately, there is a way for terrorists to get around that limitation [of real attacks]. There is a way to continue to damage the EU without mounting a new, large-scale attack. This is accomplished by self-activating terrorists making small, frequent and fake attacks. Fake attacks that have a disruptive impact similar to a real attack. Attacks like:

 threats to buildings, organizations and individuals
 suspicious packages left on trains, airports, etc. or mailed bombs/biochem
 reports of suspicious activity – building, organizations, and individuals

Why are fake attacks effective?

 in the current environment, every threat/attempt is taken seriously by the government. Police, fire, and the military responds. Buildings are searched. People are accosted.
 it costs orders of magnitude more to respond to a fake attack than it takes to mount it. Airports are closed. Subways are suspended. Traffic is stopped.
 these attacks can be made frequently, with very little risk/cost to the attacker. Simply, anybody can participate with 10 minutes of instruction.

Comment: The attacks could cost the EU billions of dollars in costs. The Schengen agreement is already under serious threat. Fake terrorist attacks could further threaten that agreement.


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