Euromaidan Press on November 26, 2015, as reported by the League of Ukrainian-Canadians, published on once secret documents of the Russian State Archives of Economy. These are now availably online in the Electronic Archive of the Liberation Movement Research Centre. Ukrainians worldwide are in 2015 remembering the 82nd anniversary of the Starvation Genocide (Holodomor). Excerpts below:

The documents classified ‘Top Secret’ and “Confidential” from the Russian State Archives of Economics (Moscow) on the export of various products from Ukraine during the Holodomor have been published online. Most of the products were exported to Germany, England, Holland, Denmark and Poland. Historians say that these 252 documents are key testimonials to understanding the scope of food export from the Soviet Union, especially from famine-wracked Ukraine.

Tons of apples, tomato paste (according to reports, it accounted for 2/3 of all products exported abroad particularly in the fourth quarter of 1932), and barrels of Nizhyn pickles were exported during the Holodomor. In other reports, we read the following cynical statements: “Honey production in Ukraine in 1933 … was exceptionally good, which explains the important over-fulfillment of the Plan…”

The documents show that Germany received the largest shipments of products in 1932-1933. Many exports also went to the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Poland.

“Vegetables were exported mainly to England and Afghanistan, tomato paste – to Germany and Estonia, milk – to Mongolia, peas to Holland.” says a Ukrainian historian.

Most of the documents come from the archives of the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Trade (file 413), some from the People’s Commissariat for Food Supplies (file 8043) and the Russian State Archive of Economics (Moscow).

The Electronic Archive was opened in March 2013. It is a joint project of the Liberation Movement Research Centre, the Ivan Franko Lviv University and the National Museum Prison on Lonskoho . 23,103 copies of documents are currently available at the E-archive.


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