During the Cold War the Soviets made a heavy effort to detach Denmark and Norway from NATO. The disinformation campaign started with strong KGB effort.

In December of 1980 a member of the Norwegian government, Sissel Roenbeck, received a copy of a letter. It was supposedly from the US Secretary of State, Edmund Muskie, and addressed to the American ambassador in Oslo. The letter contained directives on American policy towards Scandinavia all made up by KGB:

– exert pressure on the Norwegian government to change its policy of opposing permanent basing of nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil

– oppose efforts to establish a nuclear-free zone in northern Europe

It was delivered just before the Norwegian foreign minister was to go to Moscow for official talks. Soon afterwards Norwegian linguistics experts found faults in the letter showing it was translated into English from a Russian original.

In February of 1981 Danish newspapers and politicians received mysterious packets posted in Birmingham, England, with a book titled Top Secret Documents on US Forces’ Headquarters in Europe: Holocaust Again for Europe. This book contained 108 pages of Soviet inspired fairy-tales purporting to describe the operational plans for US forces in Europe. The foreword was an appeal to European “peace forces” to whip up protests against the US military presence in Europe.

Furthermore there was a list of alleged US nuclear bomb targets in Europe including several areas in Denmark and the Danish island of Bornholm (which had incidentally been occupied by Soviet troops in the aftermath of World War 2.

The book served its purpose. There was an extensive (but unserious) debate in Danish media.

After the 2014 Russian occupation of Crimea a leading center of Kremlin disinformation seems to be in the small university town Lund of southern Sweden. Here an old-time peace researcher from the days of the Cold War, Jan Oberg (b. 1951) continues his trade. He and his wife have a Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF). Oberg appears frequently on Russian propaganda TV channels with outbursts of anti-Americanisms.

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