Taiwan Info has reported on author Bertil Haggman’s visit to Taiwan in 1980. Excerpts below:

At the Freedom Day meeting in 1980, Haggman, former chairman of the Free Asia Committee in Sweden, expressed the hope that the Re¬public of China would establish a trade organization in Sweden.

He was told by K.H. Wu, sec¬retary-general of the China Ex¬ternal Trade Development Council, that the CETOC is inviting Swedish businessmen to visit Taiwan, and is also applying to the Swedish government to set up a trading organization.

An indication of how the gov¬ernment is succeeding in attracting foreign investment is shown in the statistics for last year.

Total foreign investment during the year was US$328,835,000, an all-time record, beating the previous high of US$248,¬854,000 in 1973.

Total foreign and overseas Chinese investment from 1952 to 1979 was US$2.25 billion, the statistics showed.

Comment: Support for Taiwan is crucial in a situation when the island republic, vital to the West and to Free Asia, is in complicated negotiations with the Chinese regime on a possible deal in the future. There is promise in this but also danger. With a possible Pacific Treaty Organization (PTO) of free and democratic countries in the Asia-Pacific area Taiwan is a vital part in the defense of freedom in Asia.


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