National Review on May 6, 2015, reported on Senator John McCain’s opposition to Obama’s policy in relation to lawless China.

The US president has suggested that China be reinvited to RIMPAC, the world’s largest naval wargame held in the Pacific. Excerpts below:

The Obama administration gave China its 2014 invite back in 2012, when the country was behaving a lot better. They hadn’t declared control over a huge swath of airspace between the mainland and Japan, and they hadn’t started building whole islands and military bases to advance their claims to ocean south of there, in the South China Sea.

By the time RIMPAC 2014 happened, China was already behaving noticeably worse in the Pacific, and then they brought an uninvited spy ship to the event.

So why bring the Chinese back next year? The main worry seems to be that it will annoy them and temporarily sour our relationship. The idea of inviting them in the first place was part of the Obama administration’s general approach to foreign policy: build trust through engagement.

It does not seem to have worked all that well — we welcomed China into the community of responsible Pacific militaries, they continued their expansionism.

It seems quite reasonable to kick them back out, as long as we make it clear that the point is not to exclude them from the Pacific but to exclude them until they’re ready to play by the rules.


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