Washington Times on April 10, 2015, reported that Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said that President Obama does not grasp that a strong defense — on both the national and individual level — is a mean of protecting from violence, not promoting it. Excerpts below:

“Weakness, on the other hand is the friend of danger and enemy of peace,” Mr. Rubio said during his speech at the annual National Rifle Associated meeting. “President Obama has been a weak president.”

Mr. Rubio is expected to announce on April 13 at the Freedom Tower in Miami that he is running for the GOP nomination for president.

“The hard truth is that when America steps back there is simply not a nation willing or able to fill the void of global leadership and the result is chaos — chaos that manifests itself in regional turmoil, violent extremism, dangers to our people and our global economy,” Mr. Rubio said. “Anybody who sees the presidency must recognize that in this century there is no such thing as a remote problem.”


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