Reuters on March 28, 2015, reported that a war of words between Russia and the West could degenerate into something worse, with “devastating” consequences, Latvia’s foreign minister said. Excerpts below:

Latvia and its neighbors Estonia and Lithuania were all part of the Soviet Union until 1991 and are now members of the European Union. They are wary about Russia and have watched with alarm as ties have frayed over the Ukraine crisis.

[There is] increased Russian military activity and exercises, including in the Baltic, only adding to Western concerns.

“I do hope that we all understand that any provocations, any deterioration of the situation, may lead to consequences that would be devastating to everyone, including, of course, to Russia,” Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics told Reuters.

He said a peace plan thrashed out in Minsk last month appeared to be holding, but warned that a “worst case scenario”, the full resumption of hostilities, could not be ruled out.

“But in that case, we should understand that … there will be grave economic consequences for those who instigate that,” he said, referring to European Union sanctions already imposed on Russia.

“I hope that the Russian leadership in Moscow fully understands that, and is not going to get into irresponsible adventures.”


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