Stockholm Free World Forum on February 6, 2015, published an English version of a report on the consequences for Sweden of the Syrian civil war. The report is written by Karl Lallerstedt. Excerpts below from the online presentation:

The conflict in Syria is made possible by covert state support and a criminal “terror economy” which are sustaining the warring parties. Despite the fact that Damascus lies over 3,000 kilometers away from Stockholm, Syria’s civil war is closer than ever. A large number of Swedish citizens are fighting for terrorist organizations in Syria; some of these combatants are very likely to commit acts of terror upon their return. In 2014 alone, fleeing Syrians representing over half a percent of Sweden’s population applied for permanent residence.

Karl Lallerstedt in the report writes about the economic forces behind the Syrian civil war and the effect it has had on Sweden.

Karl Lallerstedt is co-founder of the Black MarketWatch (, Executive Director of illegal trade, economic and financial crime at the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime (, and a member of the OECD Working Group to identify illegal trade. He has previously worked on issues related to illegal trade in the private sector, and as a political and economic analyst.


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