Voice of America News on August 29, 2012, reported about the Republican party adopting a platform that is strongly critical of China… Excerpts below:

The Republican platform was adopted at the party’s national convention in Tampa and promised to get tough on China for the alleged undervaluing of its currency and theft of intellectual property. It also condemns what it calls China’s “destabilizing claims in the South China Sea” and vowed to continue U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, two issues that have riled China in the past.

The tougher rhetoric then mirrored that of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has promised to designate China as a currency manipulator on his first day in office, if elected.

Comment: When in 2014 the Cold War seems to be returning with Russia invading Ukraine and NATO increasing defense spending and preparing a mobile force for threatened countries in Eastern Europe it is interesting to note that China in 2012 accused Mitt Romney for “Cold War rhetoric”. Romney also declared Russia being the number one enemy of the United States. With events in Ukraine during 2014 the Romney statement seems fairly accurate.

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