The Permanent Representation of Lithuania at the UN on August 29, 2014, condemned the invasion of Ukraine’s territory by the armed forces of the Russian Federation at the emergency meeting of UN Security Council on August 28. Excerpts below:

„Lithuania condemns in the strongest terms the invasion of Ukraine’s territory by the armed forces of the Russian Federation as an open and blatant violation of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and a serious blow to peace, security and stability across the entire region and well beyond,“ said Lithuanian Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaitė.

Ambassador Murmokaitė stressed that such actions by Russia are a gross violation of the UN Charter and other fundamental principles and norms of international law.

„Ukraine does not need more Russian “humanitarian” convoys. What Ukraine needs is Russia‘s compliance with international law, and respect for the UN Charter”, said the Ambassador.

Lithuanian Permanent Representative noted the consequences of the humanitarian crisis. The conflict has claimed more than 2000 civilian deaths, 200.000 displaced persons, and around 4 million affected people living in areas directly affected by the conflict. „We must make sure all those who caused this tragedy must be held account,“ said R.Murmokaitė.

UN Security Council held the emergency meeting at the request of Lithuania as a response to information about Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine‘s territory.


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