Washington Times on February 24, 2014, reported that Senator John McCain said on Politico that the uprising in Ukraine ought to make Russian President Vladmir Putin a little bit “nervous” about his future as a leader of divided interests. Excerpts below:

A Ukraine partition would be “totally unacceptable,” Mr. McCain said, Politico reported. “They want to be western. They don’t want to be eastern.”

Mr. McCain said he’d been in contact with numerous opposition leaders in the Ukraine — including the former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko — and said they shared a common denominator: They’re all “overjoyed” at the uprising.

Viktor Yanykovych, meanwhile — a friend of Mr. Putin who was voted out of his presidency role — has gone into hiding.

“If I were Valdimir Putin, I would be a little bit nervous,” Mr. McCain said, in Politico.


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