Japan Washington Times on December 19, 2013, reported Japanese plans to beef up its military with a wide-range of new arsenal to deal with Chinese national security threats. Excerpts below:

The island nation plans to spend roughly $232 billion over the next five years on hardware it believes is capable of securing disputed islands in the South China Sea. The list of purchases includes “anti-missile destroyers, submarines, 52 amphibious vehicles, surveillance drones, U.S. fighter planes and 17 Boeing Osprey aircraft, capable of vertical take-off,” the BBC reported.

“China’s stance toward other countries and military moves, coupled with a lack of transparency regarding its military and national security policies, represent a concern to Japan and the wider international community and require close watch,” stated a national security document released by the Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already established a National Security Council to address defense threats, the BBC reported.

Japan’s strategy for a bolstered national defense, approved by its cabinet, will result in a 2.6 percent increase in defense spending.


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