Verlag Hermagoras has published a review of a book by Rulitz on the massacres of Bleiburg and Viktring by Dr. Malte Olschewski. Excerpts below:

The historian Florian Rulitz from Carinthia has searched and provided a lot of various sources which he investigated and rated over many years.

After the capitulation on 8th May 1945 the situation in the south part of today’s Austrian Federal State Carinthia was [chaotic]. At the end of the war a large stream of armed and civilian units from Slovenia and Croatia entered Carinthia [Austria]. In the same time the country was occupied by British units.

Under mysterious circumstances which have not been cleared up to this day the British delivered the Croatian and Slovene refugees to the communist Tito units which meant the same as execution and death. About 500 000 soldiers and civilians were encircled at the Bleiburg field, attacked with fire by the partisans, disarmed by the British and delivered to the Tito communist partisans.

The Croats were massacred and some of them committed suicide.

The massacres started in Austria and were finished on today’s Slovene and Croatian territory.

…at the field of Viktring mostly Slovenes, pro-German home guards, and Serbian and Russian Cetniks as well as civilians [were killed]. The deception [that took place] is documented by the British army: “To tell nothing about the destination…! The Slovenes were informed they would be evacuated to Italy by train. But the destination of the trains was the Secret Service of Tito after crossing the tunnel through the Karawanken mountains. …Slovenia became a killing place. More then 600 mass graves are known like those near Thesen (Tezno), Huda Jama, Liescha (Lese) or Gottscheer Wald (Kocevski rog). Night after night the shootings in the woods were heard. There were supposedly about 100,000 victims on Slovene territory only.

[Presently] there are estimated 130 Austrian civilians killed. The major part of them is buried in mass graves at Slovene Koroska in the Mießtal.
For the time between 8th May and the day of the withdrawal of the communist Yugoslav partisans Dr. Rulitz investigated in parish and police sources more then 350 dead anticommunist refugees. But there has been much more killing on Austrian territory. Sources report about more then 1000 killed refugees in the Bleiburg area and in south Carinthia. The major part of the corpses were not [buried]in Austria but carried to Yugoslavia and buried in mass graves near the border (Liescha, Poljana, Unterdrauburg and Zancani near Windischgrätz). There are mass graves in the marsh fields at Bleiburg also.

In May 1945 a witness,Neubersch, saw the killing and burial of 10 persons by the partisans. More than 100 of corpses were transported to Yugoslavia by trucks. About 50 corpses of Croatian soldiers were [brought] to the military cemetery of St.Veit/Glan. Bones were found because of works on the railway in the 1960s and 1970s near the border at Grablach but this was not reported. The original wording: “Near the state border in 1967 I placed fence posts to another place. I uncovered human bones and remains of jaw bones with teeth.” In addition there are a lot of scattered individual graves around the Bleiburg field.


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