Polish media on February 28, 2013, reported that President Bronislaw Komorowski has decorated 18 veterans of Polish anti-communist resistance forces that fought in the aftermath of World War II. Excerpts below:

The ceremony at the Presidential Palace tied in with the so-called Day of Remembrance of Cursed Soldiers, which pays tribute to those who refused to lay down arms after the close of the Second World War, choosing instead to fight Poland’s Moscow-backed communist regime.

“You stood fast in the struggle for Poland’s freedom, independence, and sovereignty,” Komorowski said during the ceremony, as quoted by Polish Radio.

Poland’s wartime government-in-exile oversaw the disbandment of its official resistance force, the Home Army (AK), in January 1945, after the Red Army pushed back the Nazi German occupiers from pre-war Polish territory.

However, convinced that Stalin would not allow free elections in post-war Poland, many resistance fighters refused to lay down their arms.

Several splinters of the Home Army emerged, including Freedom and Independence (WiN). Meanwhile, the independent wartime National Armed Forces (NSZ) resistance force continued its activities.

Most of the resistance was snuffed out by the communist authorities by the early 1950s, following waves of arrests.

The date of March 1 marked the execution of seven members of WiN on that day in 1951.


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