Fox News on March 8, 2013, reported that republican lawmakers called on President Obama to take stronger stance against a nuclear-armed North Korea and its leader’s increasingly hostile threats against the United States. Excerpts below:

The lawmakers urged the administration to reassess the security posture toward the Kim regime and its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs. The letter, written by representatives from Ohio, Alabama, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma, ask Obama to also strengthen the country’s defensive and offensive cooperation with its allies.

“Each and every entity violating international sanctions on North Korea must immediately be frozen out of global commerce,” the letter stated. “Urgent action must be taken to undo your devastating reductions to our missile defenses.”

The new sanctions of United Nations came in response to North Korea’s underground nuclear test on February 12 and were the fourth set imposed by the U.N. since the country’s first test in 2006.

In the year that he’s been in power, North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong Un has hit all the bully highlights his father did during his nearly two decades of rule. He’s vowed to take out much of the Western world, called America an “imperialist aggressor” and conducted several missile tests.

Aside from what some describe as empty threats and weightless sanctions, the United States has done very little to stop North Korea.

China has supported all U.N. sanctions against North Korea but only after working to dilute the proposed measures. U.N. diplomats say that Chinese companies have often played a key role in helping North Korean entities bypass the sanctions.


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