“The Washington Times on February 5, 2013, published a clarification by the Taiwan Office in the United States, Frank Yee Wang on the China-Taiwan sea dispute. Excerpts below:

When in January three mainland-Chinese ships approached Taiwan’s Coast Guard vessels escorting a Taiwanese fishing boat, the Coast Guard ships immediately sent out a clear message by loudspeakers and in LED lights that read: “Diaoyutai is the territory of the Republic of China. Here is the territorial water of the ROC. Please leave immediately.”

The Coast Guard reiterated on the same day that in order to safeguard our country’s sovereignty and our fishermen’s safety, the administration’s principles of “no provocation, no confrontation, no evasion,” and its stated policy that “there are CGA vessels wherever there are Taiwanese fishing boats in territorial waters,” remains unchanged.

It is important to note that on August 5, 2012, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou put forward a long-term solution to the Diaoyutai Islands disputes by proposing the East China Sea Peace Initiative. While maintaining the republic’s sovereignty over the islands, the initiative calls on all parties involved to shelve disputes in favor of dialogue and jointly exploit the resources around the islets.

Frank Yee Wang is Director of the Press Division of Taiwan’s Office in the United Washington DC.

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