Fox News on November 14, 2012, reported that invisibility cloaks and deflector shields, once a staple of popular science-fiction, are now the real deal according to researchers. Excerpts below:

Top researchers have been battling over whose tech will someday shield U.S. ships.

U.S. Fractal Antenna Systems says its invisibility cloak technology was given the world’s first patent in August 2012. Its microwave invisibility cloak (cut from the same technology cloth) can successfully make an entire person disappear.

The company says a patent-pending deflector shield built off a variant of the technology can divert electromagnetic radiation around an object — and they plan to show it off.

Later this week in New York City, the company plans to demonstrate a human invisibility cloak and deflector shield at the Radio Club of America. Cohen said the deflector shield works by using cloak technology not to hide an object but to pass radiation around it.

The deflector shield design is a snug vest comprised of an inner copper layer and fractal-shaped artificial metamaterials around it. The company claims that approximately 90 percent of the electromagnetic power from microwaves was diverted around an object in internal testing.


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