Fox News on October 18, 2012, reported that Mitt Romney’s national lead over President Obama has grown even more, with the latest Gallup survey showing the Republican nominee up 7 points — as polling in the battlegrounds indicates the electoral map may be shifting in Romney’s favor. Excerpts below:

In a significant development, the RealClearPolitics electoral map, which offers predictions of which states favor which candidates, for the first time is showing Romney ahead in terms of electoral votes he is likely to win on Nov. 6.

The national Gallup survey, which is based on a seven-day rolling average and was updated on October 18, showed Romney leading 52-45 percent. At the start of October, he was tied with Obama at 48 percent each.

Though presidential elections are decided in the battlegrounds, the new national numbers surely raise warning signs for the Obama team. Historical polling results show that the candidate who’s up three weeks before Election Day has typically gone on to win — though past polls were conducted of registered voters, not likely voters, which is now considered more reliable. The only candidate in modern times who came from behind three weeks before the election to win was Ronald Reagan in 1980.

“Now I have to be honest with you, I love these debates. These things are great,” Romney said. “I think it’s interesting that the president still doesn’t have an agenda for a second term. Don’t you think that it’s time for him to finally put together a vision of what he’d do in the next four years if he were elected? I mean he’s got to come up with that over this weekend because there’s only one debate left….”

But Obama says he does have a plan to make the country better by 2016 — it just involves a different approach than Romney’s.


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