The Washington Times on September 13, 2012, reported that a day after blasting the Obama administration’s response to the attacks on diplomatic posts in the Middle East, Mitt Romney pivoted back to the economy, taking particular aim at what he sees as President Obama’s soft approach toward China. Excerpts below:

The Republican presidential nominee rolled out a television ad that said Mr. Obama’s refusal to stop “China’s cheating” has led to job losses in the manufacturing sector and vowed at a campaign stop to call China to “the mat” for stealing technology and artificially holding down the value of Chinese imports.

“The president has had a chance year after year to label China a currency manipulator, but he has not done so, and I will label China the currency manipulator on my first day,” he said, airing a complaint shared by many in Washington that China’s currency is being undervalued, giving Chinese companies a price advantage that kills U.S. jobs.

The Obama campaign said the charge was bogus.

“American manufacturers have added half a million jobs since January 2010 — the fastest manufacturing job growth since the 1990s,” said Lis Smith, an Obama campaign spokeswoman. “President Obama has always stood up for American workers, regardless of politics. He’s filed seven trade complaints against China, bringing cases at twice the rate of the Bush administration.”

The attack is part of Mr. Romney’s broader effort to brand Mr. Obama a lightweight on the global stage.


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