CNN on December 30, 2011, reported that the United States and the United Arab Emirates have signed a deal for a missile-defense system in the Persian Gulf country, the Pentagon said:

The $3.48 billion agreement was signed December 25, according to press secretary George Little.

The vital Strait of Hormuz separates the UAE and Iran. The Obama administration said Iran has been “saber-rattling” over its threat to block the strait.

The pact will deliver two anti-missile batteries, 96 missiles, radars, training and logistics to the UAE, the Pentagon said.

“Acquisition of this critical defense system will bolster the UAE’s air and missile-defense capability and enhance the already robust ballistic missile-defense cooperation between the United States and the UAE,” the Pentagon said.

The two countries “enjoy a strong bilateral defense relationship, driven by common interests in a secure and stable Gulf region,” Little said in a statement.

Raytheon Company said it will provide two radars and services through 2018 to the country. “This $582.5 million contract for the radars is part of the first sale of THAAD missile systems to an international customer,” it said in a statement

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