Fox News on May 18, 2011, reported that the United States used a new type of stealth drone, that could fly into Pakistan undetected.

The unmanned planes conducted flights over the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan for months before the Navy SEALs raid on May 2 killed the Al Qaeda leader. According to Washington Post they captured high-resolution video necessary to plan the mission. The new stealth drone, RQ-170 Sentinel, can travel beyond the normal limits that Pakistan has imposed on other U.S. drones.

U.S. officials have said privately that the strikes have killed many senior Al Qaeda and Taliban commanders.

They believe Pakistani intelligence continues to support militants who attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and actively undermine U.S. intelligence operations to go after Al Qaeda inside Pakistan. The level of distrust is such that keeping Pakistan in the dark was a major factor in planning the raid.

Continued drone attacks in the weeks following bin Laden’s death are evidence that the U.S. is not letting up on cross-border drone strikes into Pakistan despite complaints that the U.S. violated its sovereignty by killing bin Laden on their soil.

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