On April 23, 2011, Amir Taheri in New York Post sampled a number of Syrian freedom slogans in the streets around the nation:

– An end to the Ba’ath Party’s monopoly on power by cancelling Article 8 of the Constitution.

– Immediate resignation of Bashar al-Assad as president and the holding of fresh presidential and parliamentary elections.

– The formation of a transition government reflecting the wishes of the people.

– Limiting the presidential election to two consecutive five-year terms, thus ending the current “president-for-life” system.

– An end to torture, killings, arrests and violence against demonstrators.

– The return of the army units to barracks and the withdrawal of sniper units known as al-Ashbah (“ghosts”).

– Three days of state-sanctioned mourning for those killed in the uprising so far.

– An independent investigation into the deaths of protesters and judicial proceedings in the light of evidence revealed.

– Release of all political prisoners.

It is obvious that Assad has to go before the demands can be met. The bloodshed on April 25, 2011, in Syrian cities shows that the tyrant is not willing to stop killing his people. It is time that the West takes notice of the popular uprising in one of the worst dictatorships of the Mideast.

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