Wall Street Journal has reported on the website It is seaking scrutiny but may in the end undermine Wikileaks.
In a July 2010 an item titled “wikileaks-buck” was published, an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be a WikiLeaks insider, who complained that WikiLeaks provides “absolutely no accounting” of funds it receives and spends.

Mr. Young said he receives some documents anonymously, through an encrypted submission system.

After WikiLeaks’ weekend publication of 400,000 documents about the Iraq war, Cryptome has been busy. Contributions were published on how the organization holds “dramatic, rigged, press shindigs” to announce its leaks.

Another scrutinizing website is It publishes on WikiLeaks’ tactics and links to articles about WikiLeaks.

Cryptome files Freedom of Information requests about WikiLeaks to get information about the organization.

The owner of Cryptome said in 2006 Assange asked him to become the public face of WikiLeaks in the U.S., where he was supposed to register the domain in his name. Cryptome publisher, however, fell out with Assange. Since then he publishes critical contributions on Wikileaks’ founder and his operation.

Comment: sometimes one can wonder where Assange get’s his money from. There are a number of tyrannies and terrorist organizations with money to spend that wants to hurt the United States.


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