A new class of weapons is developed in the United States. It can reach every corner of the earth from the homeland in under 60 minutes. If completed it will diminish the need for use of nuclear weapons.

The new weapon is named Prompt Global Strike (PGS) and is so accurate that it can hit Osama Bin Laden in a cave or a North Korean missile being prepared for launch as well as striking Iranian nuclear sites. In theory a conventional warhead will be hurled at great speed and accuracy at the target. Thus nuclear warheads could be replaced on US submarines.

The present Obama administration is abandoning the plans to place the weapon on submarines. 250 million US dollars will be used in 2011 to explore a new alternative for the weapon. It would initially be based probably at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The plan is to mount it on a long-range missile. It would travel through the atmosphere at many times the speed of sound and remain in the atmosphere, which will make it much more maneuverable than ballistic missiles. It can fly straight to the area intended and then make a sharp turn toward the target. An early version of the weapon could probably be deployed by 2014 or 2015.

The work to complete PGS will be headed by USAF General Kevin P. Chilton of the Strategic Command. According to General Chilton a target can today be hit anywhere on the globe in a time frame of 96 to 6 hours. That would not be fast enough to strike if intelligence would be available on Al Qaeda terrorists moving or direct plans to launch a missile on enemy territory. Presently the only faster alternative is a nuclear response.

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