Around 100,000 secret American documents on Afghanistan on internet is a threat to all NATO forces in Afghanistan. The result may well be that it will be easier for the terrorists to kill troops not only from the United States but all participating countries.

Most of the reports in the leak have no news value. The use of heat-seeking missiles by the Taliban is not news. Rumors were spread years ago about that. If these missiles are used by terrorists they are no match for counterinsurgency aviators armed with the latest technology.

The great number of documents posted makes it hard to know if all are for real or if Wikileaks has put in fake reports. A disinformer can use some of the documents for falsification. These changed documents could be spread for misinformation purposes.

In case of corruption and other practices it might perhaps be possible to make a moral argument for revelation but in the case of the Afghanistan reports these are routine. There is no public interest. Instead these reports on counterinsurgency fighting can only help hurting the effort of stopping terrorists. The enemy is the only party that can benefit. Now the Taliban will be able to change tactics in accordance to the published information on NATO practices. Wikileaks will not only kill American troops but other troops as well.

The Swedish military has initiated an investigation about what is revealed on the tactics of the Swedish contingent in Afghanistan. An investigation of the Wikileaks servers in Sweden would also be important. The webhotel PQR used by Assange is based in Sweden and run by Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Fredrik Nei. Rumors has it that Assange is planning to move more of his operations to Sweden and open an office in Stockholm according to Swedish daily Expressen. This will indirectly make Swedish authorities responsible for the killing of American troops in Afghanistan if they don’t act.

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