In The Miami Herald (March 21, 2010: “We can’t coddle Iran”) Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen called for steps that the United States could take against the Iranian tyranny. The regime in Teheran is involved in ongoing, systematic violations of human rights involving torture, flogging, amputation and stoning. Arbitrary arrests, detentions and killings are used against the opposition. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen pointed to the fact that:

Stalinesque show-trials continue, with demonstrators and other political prisoners charged with the amorphous accusation of being mohareb (rebelling against God), for which the punishment is death.

She is calling for aid to those who seek human rights in Iran and monitor abuses – such as the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, which recently saw its funding cut.

Sanctions should further be used against foreign companies — like China’s Sinopec, France’s Total, Brazil’s Petrobras and Malaysia’s SKS — that have invested billions in Iran’s energy sector. Congress could also quickly enact legislation targeting refined petroleum exports to Iran.

If the United States and other democracies continue to participate in the UN’s Human Rights Council (of which Iran is a member) they should be obligated to push for resolutions and special sessions condemning the Iranian regime’s abuses. The West has not done that.

To change the inadequate Obama administration approach Ros-Lehtinen has introduced the bipartisan House companion (H.R. 4649) to the Iran Human Rights Sanctions Act, authored by Sen. John McCain and Joe Lieberman. So far on the demands of the U.S. legislator.

This legislation requires the president to designate and sanction — via financial measures and a visa ban — those who violate the human rights of Iranians.

It should be added that it is time for Europe as well to introduce sharper sanctions against the regime in Teheran. The present policies are not enough. It is time for the whole West to strengthen the opposition in Iran. The sooner there is a new government in Teheran the faster the nuclear threat from the extremist regime can be reduced.

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