On March 12, 2010, Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court began proceedings on the so called Tiitinen list, which is said to contain the names of 20 prominent Finns, who were agents of Stasi, the notorious East German state security ministry. The court will rule on the question of the release of a copy of the list to a Finnish reporter by Finland’s Security Police (Supo). In 2008 the Helsinki Administrative Court ordered Supo to disclose the list, but Supo appealed the judgement.

A Finnish newspaper has reported that one name on the list is Riitta Juntunen, a spokeswoman of the Central Organization of Trade Unions. Her Stasi code name was “Kati” and she was paid 70 000 West German marks for handing over 940 pages of reports to Stasi between 1979 and 1985.

In November 2009 a former East German colleague of Juntunen, Petra Sauerzapf-Poser, said that the Finnish agent had denounced her to the Stasi.

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