Associated Press reported on March 10, 2010, that Republic of Ireland police had detained four men and three women in a plot to murder Swedish artist Lars Vilks. The same day three Swedish daily newspapers published the controversial drawing by Vilks, the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. Two of the newspapers are liberal and the third is conservative. One of the liberal newspapers, Expressen of Stockholm, declared that it took a stance for the freedom of speech. The other, Dagens Nyheter also of Stockholm said in an editorial that it wanted to show that Vilks was not alone. A threat against him is a threat against all Swedes.

AP further wrote:

Vilks has faced several death threats since the drawing was first printed by a Swedish newspaper in 2007, a year after separate cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper sparked furious protests in Muslim nations. Al Qaeda put a $100,000 bounty on his head.

Vilks may also be targeted by an American woman, which is under suspicion of recruiting terrorists online. Swedish security police has not commented on the case.

On Swedish television Vilks has been shown arming himself with an axe to fight of Islamist attackers. After the Danish cartoonist Kurt Vestergaard was threatened by a Somali axman Vilks had received threats by phone from a Swedish speaking Somali who said: Now it is your turn.

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