In 2005 book Chinese Colonel Yuan Zelu caused worries at Pentagon. In Joint Space War Campaigns he called for deploying an orbiting network of strike weapons that would be concealed and launched in an emergency to bring the opponent to his knees.

China seems not to have a dedicated space campaign. Instead space operations do form an integral part of all campaigns. The PLA’s military theoretical journal China Military Science argues that “it is in space that information age warfare will come into its more intensive points.”

Further more China is developing the ability to attack U.S space assets. PLA wants to destroy, damage, and interefere with reconnaissance/observation and communications satellites.
A quote from Col. Zelu’s book:

[The] goal of a space shock and awe strike is [to] deter the enemy, not to provoke the enemy into combat. For this reason, the objectives selected for strike must be few and precise … [for example], on important information sources, command and control centers, communications hubs, and other objectives. This will shake the structure of the opponent’s operational system of organization and will create huge psychological impact on the opponent’s policymakers.

In January 2007 China tested a direct ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon that demonstrated the PLA’s interest in counterspace systems. In addition to the “kinetic kill” capability demonstrated by the ASAT test, the PLA is developing the ability to jam, blind, or otherwise disable satellites and their terrestrial support infrastructure.

In the early 20th century the Chinese-American geopolitician Homer Lea warned of a Pearl Harbor if the American military did not prepare for an attack by the powerful Japanese in the future. Although some leading American generals including MacArthur did read and accepted the prognosis of Lea, most did not.

The plans of China for future space warfare must be taken seriously. The United States and later the European Union must prepare for defensive war in space.

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