Jan Guillou is not a quality writer. He churns out regularly detective stories, agent novels and lately some historical stuff but he has made millions.

Swedish newspaper Expressen made a breakthrough managing to get documents from the Swedish National Archive (turned over from Swedish intelligence recently, that had been buried in the intelligence archives since the 1960s). The Swedish intelligence agency Sapo was under attack in the 1970s due to disclosures by two journalists. One of them was Jan Guillou. These two leftist scribes had found out that the Socialist government had a secret arm, IB, that was directed by recruits from the ruling party, the social democratic SAP. So actually Guillou made Sweden a service. The ruling party had to get rid of this secrets service unknown to the taxpayers.

The recent KGB link revelations complicates things. The links were real. An assignment for Guillou was to steal an internal telephone directory from the American Embassy in Stockholm. He was paid for his jobs by the Soviets.

Yesterday I published an excerpt from an article manuscript written by the retired Professor Stevan Dedijer of the University of Lund, who in the 1970s lectured on intelligence at the university. It is a memorandum exchanged by KGB chiefs (fictional) containing positive comments on the disclosure of IB by Guillou and his partner. Here are a few new excerpts from the manuscript of 1973:

The methods for information on Swedish intelligence are so elementary that it shows to the Swedish government the low degree of security. Nothing new is revealed that we did not know about the Swedish intelligence. It is a good thing to have a “socialistically” left wing motivated writer to write a book abot their country’s intelligence. They always reveal the “dirty” collaboration with the West, but not with us.

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